Drawing in Bluebell Wood


Visiting Hatton again to go location drawing May 2016.

This morning I walked down to Bluebell Wood to do some drawings for the poem of the same name.

With all my drawing materials in a shopping trolly and my drawing board under my arm I walked down the road past bemused locals and inquisitive sheep and cows until I reached the first field with access through a rickety stile. Long grass and mud proved a bit of a problem and kept clogging up the wheels so it was slow progress but after unclogging it very so often with a stick I eventually got there.

It’s so beautiful at this time of year and the smell is heady mix  of bluebells, fresh garlic and long grass.

I did some drawings in my sketchbook in black and white but also wanted to try and capture the colours on a larger sheet of paper using a mix of inks and soft pastels with lots of water to move the colour around.