A thin skin hiding the nut within

A warm glow,

The fire’s in.

Have some rest, a beer, chatter,

Sadness, tears, laughter,

Things that matter,

Ground in like dirt,

Leave their trace.

Memories gather,

Pile up like dust all over the place,

Caught in corners like spiders’ webs,

Each heartbeat carves its own,

Dead notes on the piano,

Struck once too many.

“How’s business?”


Tobacco forges frames,

Voices drift and fly,

Up through floorboards,

In and out of song,

“Last orders” called before too long,

“Drink up now ye thirsty chappies”

“Have you no homes to go to?”

Chased out with a brush,

Ashtrays emptied,

“Ooh, they stink”,

Out comes the till

Slops down the sink,

“Don’t spill!”

Gossip as we take a drink,

Out come the keys,

On go the bolts,

Drink in the quiet.