Adventus art collaboration with Dubmorphology and St Mary’s Art Collective

So Great to work with Gary Stewart from Dubmorphology and St Mary’s Art Collective on projections as part of the Advents project. My projection was on Sunday 18th December.



The brief was “Another World is Possible”, a response to what has and is happening within the world in 2016 and how we can go forward.


I produced 10 new artworks that I edited as stills to work as a 7 minute animation using the VJ software Avenue 5. This is an amazing piece of software that acts on a lot of different levels. It allows you to manipulate images within layers in a way that is similar to Photoshop, but then it also has the ability to create sequences where these interact and also respond to rhythms in music and sound. Another option it allows is  to create an element of chance as has a random sequencing feature where images can appear  in ever changing sequences and random combinations unique to each performance.


This work explores moving from a bleak world to one that has hope.

This is reflected in a piece that  moves from a darker landscape inhabited by flocks of crows
to a corn field with yellow skies.
I have used crows as an association with dark times and also as a symbol of trickery
fearlessness and transformation.
These crows were drawn with ink using feathers found on site at Hollow Ponds in Walthamstow and developed in my studio in London Fields Hackney.